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It’s power when you,

Within an instance, note the dotted lines

Meant to mark your lane,

Linking, eating them

In a single stream, like Pac-man.


Conscious of the limits projected,

Breaking what they term impossible,

Refilling my food palate

All in tandem.


The colour in my voice leaves arcs,

Leaping over the world’s hurdles

Sometimes in multiple shades

Terrestrials choose to call it a rainbow

But to each their own

For my words use the storm as a platform.


I fear no-one, but respect everyone

Chose a medium that does best to keep up

With what? Except, the traffic of my thoughts

Its creations, and all that follows.


I am not for everyone, nor do I want to be

Each match struck comes from a real place

I will not tell you what you want to hear

But what I believe I need to tell you.


– O.D. ©2018




Art by: CaringWong








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