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Let me re-adjust my crown,

Pitching in, when the caged bird sings …

A King, best look good, before he feasts

On those social barriers, seemingly made bigger,

Every day

As if to compensate, for my insatiable appetite.


Remove the “smoke and mirrors”

You seem to think I lean on, to better translate

A language, I would break down – if I had the time,

What you see beyond the veil you have set for yourself

Is how my mind functions – or is it?

I only wish It was that simple to emulate through speech.


For a finite definition does not, in the slightest

Come close to the power I exhibit on the dreamscape

I exist within your reality, and when I so choose

Enter a dream sequence, making a bygone story

Of what you, in an entire lifespan, would describe

As the beginning and end of our time.


It’s a cold world, yet my words glimmer in the dark

The more the merrier, for when combined

They make the most elaborate bonfire;

And when I’m lost in the impending storm,

I look back, and there, far off in the distance

Lie my words, sentient in their materialization

Of the brightest lighthouse.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: CaringWong







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