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I choose to distance myself from anyone

Rather, anything, that intercedes

With the harmony, I work so hard to bring,

Lovers of money, inhibitors of the happy.


“Misery loves company” 


Perhaps if they spent more time

Looking on the outside as they do

On the inside, it would be notably easier

To magnify the level of selfishness

In consideration, of the collective.


I would say “stop”

But even I’m not arrogant enough to assume

My words carry enough weight to change 

The hearts of everyone I speak to

In fact, all I do is try,

Try to be nice, try to be the best I can be

Try to dissuade the cultivation of darkness.


All things associated with the outside, of me

I can never truly account for, but I try,

If only to do my part

In making the world a better place.


But… as much as i’ll admit to not knowing

What you will do

After I try to push you to the light

I can, with every fibre of my being tell you

Not to bring that darkness to me

For trying to quell my burning ambition

Can, in essence, be likened to you attempting to hide

A supernova within the confines of your flammable garments.


 – O.D. ©2018


Art by:  ryky







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