A Date With You, Dear Reader (Part 1)


A Date With You, Dear Reader (Part 2)

A Date With You, Dear Reader (Part 3)

A Date With You, Dear Reader (Final)




They say when you turn on the light

Darkness subsides

So, given my outlook

Would the rising sun

Or flipping the switch,

Leave my form In a state of fictitiousness?


Aforementioned verse exhibits

A layered set of words with underlying connotations

Eternal conflict between dark and light, black and white

Relaying the same concept in a different context,

My race; humour denoting how comfortable I am

In my own skin.


Poet by terrestrial definition

Aware of the many strings tugged to bring about

Motions intent on furthering human condition,


She said I have horns on my head,

I don’t dispute what she chose to see in me

Consider this: of the many facets, that bind my being,

She subconsciously resonated with what she knows she is.


Too much, too soon?

Regardless, I’m glad you could make time,

Listening to the textile approach of the Star-Seed,

Perhaps we’ll have another date

Where I delve even deeper

Into the Lonsdaleite that holds my burning spirit.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by:  ryky