All Together Now (Collaboration)


Another collaboration with my friend Kim from the blog Peace, Love and Patchouli

Always a pleasure and enlightening experience working with her. Our words weaved together into one; leaving me inspired and hopeful for another project later in the future 🙂 . Visit her blog and bear witness to how she brings light into the world through her amazing writing.


Invisible hands move slowly

Softly melding in to touch the coolness

I am created piece by piece

Sheltered in the warmth

I wait to serve.


In unison, I pour

The best of me and you

Molded formation of love and truth

Allotropes of the light

Touch gifted by none other

Than the most divine.


I feel you through each finger tip,

Forming my soul with such an innocence

And as seen through your eyes

You make me whole

And through my imperfection

I feel beautiful

Inside and out.


Kneaded, to a standard reflective of

How much we’re needed

Nature of our design sparks emulation

Feel the presence in our stillness

Look at us, witness your reflection

Through our rich definitive finish

Another love letter

From our Maker.


We stand together

Unique in our collective being

Standing tall and ready

To serve the needs of the starving soul,

To refill where there is an emptiness

With hope and love for all.


Peace, Love and Patchouli & O.D. ©2017




24 Replies to “All Together Now (Collaboration)”

      1. Good morning sunshine ❤ been busy girl here and it is indeed always a pleasure to work with you, we create so well together 🙂 dealing with a cold front here, in the forties…brrrrrr……eeks. Hope you're warm and cozy on your side of the world 🙂 peace and love, K

      2. Good morning, I hope you get well soon, drink some lemon tea 🙂 ….its blazing hot here, was drenching in sweat as I walked home from work; looked like I just exited a forge 😀

      3. I’m not sick thank goodness, but just cold 🙂 gotta get bundled up to walk the dogs in the am and then work. Off tomorrow, yay, gotta start christmas shopping and I shall email you the pics of the tree tomorrow. Did you get the one of my elf costume at work?

      4. Saw the picture just now, totally loved it! can’t wait to see the other photos of the tree. I feel like i’m a part of it 🙂

      1. Lol came with the change in theme…i’ve been meaning to change it to OD but never got the time…plus my blog handle is easier to call as an acronym haha 🙂

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