So in touch with this, you could say,

I quiver when I write

Stuttering from the influx

No doubt, an unbelievable sight.


My mind accommodates

The traffic of an entire planet

Not at all how I planned it,

But exactly how my Maker intended

I like it when they dispute, seeking refuge

Some sort of comfort from discrediting

What they can only hope to understand.


For years, I’ve been at war with myself

Who would I know better

To a level that dwarfs the self?

Tend to unlocking the first gate

Of your consciousness before

Being brazen enough to open my sixth,

This brainiac’s brain casing has been the vestibule

For tethered extra-terrestrial conduits;

Entailing the passenger of this vessel

Knows about Me, Myself

And I – – will always be the one

To tell you, who I am.


– O.D. ©2017


Art by: RHADS


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