The power of words, so strong

Often escapes the minds

Of the uninformed, pull the trigger

If you think it will make you feel any better

Ignoring Karma’s kickback

Will leave your wrist with

The most serpentine twist.  


I speak for what I know to be true,

Everything else? I leave to you

“You’re weird” they said, why?

Because I don’t meet the standard for normalcy?

No, it’s much simpler, see

People settle for that which they can categorize

Fail to fulfil your expected role?

Be forever marked as the wild card.


But that’s okay, for the unknown

Is where I feel most at home;

If your approval is as important

As you think it is, don’t be hurt when I say

“I don’t need it”.


– Original-Dante ©2017


Art by: ryky

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