Permission, to stare at me,

En route to the process, conveying thoughts,

In a sequence, that attests to,

My mind’s chosen blueprint:



Mouth gaping, when I have you

In touch with, the reptilian

Etched at your core, take a breather, cool off

For all intents and purposes, This is what happens

When gasoline is exposed to my fire.


What I speak, I’ve already spoken

Ideas I imprint are the endgame

Of my reverberating echo,

Voiced from a time untold.


Confessions of the prototype, when I say

“It’s greener on the other side”

I speak of husks bound by envy, secluded

re-arranged, placed

Beyond the threshold of my existence.

They say I paint pictures with my words,

Bringing about consciousness

Of senses you had yet to realize exist;

If you think this is amazing,

Wait till you see what my creator can do.


– Original-Dante ©2017


Art by: ryky



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