Love, such a majestic feeling

Somewhat surreal, connecting, 

One on one; Heart to heart,

Been so long gone, history, archived,

Semblance of feelings is a memory.


I am, what you choose to see me as

A man, an alien, don’t pop a vessel

Lying to yourself, racking your brain

Ask me, I’ll tell you, after you

Bear witness to my penmanship.


Illustrated a dialect that left them beyond torn

Flicks of the wrist turned night to morn

Bonfire in my journal, embers blown in the wind

Materialize and bring to existence another piece,

Another piece, I move on this checkered grid;

E2 to E4 — King-side bishop to C4 — Queen to H5

— F7— Checkmate.


– Original-Dante ©2017


Art by:  ryky




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