Certain _ty


And then  I wake up, a few minutes before 

The auditory fatigue, that is my alarm tone

“Let’s do this!” I say, ready to conquer the day

Baseless zeal, energy source strung to a realm

Owned by death’s cousin.


And then I wake up,

“Well, that certainly explains the mid-week energy”

The clock shows time beyond my understanding;

Oversleeping so far gone in my memory

In parallel with Big Foot, a myth.


And then I wake up, just as my alarm rings

“Okay, fine, hilarious” lucid dreams had me on lock

Time to really wake up,

Facing yet another day that withholds secrets,

All set, time for my dramatic exit,

And then I wake up.


– Original-Dante ©2017


Art by: Unknown




20 Replies to “Certain _ty”

  1. perfect reflection of most mornings when queued by the alarms siren to rise and shine sunshine….and we slip back into a wave of slumber so deep as to be death-like. Nice piece and yay, you’re awake now….get some more writing done!!!! ha 🙂

      1. yep, mostly when I feel rushed and keep watching the clock, if I let the zen happy peace in, then it all flows nicely 🙂 how’s your weather there? Hot and steamy with a chance of hot and steamy?

      2. sounds good to me 🙂 I’ve a friend in town (hopefully if all goes well) Friday till Monday am but during this week and then after that, we can focus on the hocus pocus of magical things 🙂 quit my job so Sunday(tomorrow) is last day YAY!

      3. I put in my notice of two weeks, boss cut me free almost a week early….not crying, she is a piece of work and I’ll just leave it at that. I took the higher road for self and to prove to the other employees that it is good to stand up to what’s right, to not take verbal/emotional abuse, etc….I doubt I would use her as a reference….but if anyone ever shopped there, I’m sure they’d understand why I did what I did….most were surprised I stayed there that long 🙂

      4. I believe you did the right thing, the absolute right thing. Lord knows what she faced at home and brought to work…Noone ever deserves seeing our anger surface, especially if they incite it. All that matters is you doing what makes you happy Kim, and I think leaving such a toxic environment is ultimately beneficial to you 🙂

      5. I’m already doing back flips (okay, in my mind…don’t think this old body is capable of those anymore) but it’s a lovely image that makes me laugh none the less. She is divorced so nothing to bring to work except her cell phone where she stares at dark news and horrid images and then tries to show them to us to see our reaction. Being an empath, I had to distance myself from the darkness….I enjoy my light too much to let it be vanquished in that meager place of bitterness. 2 more days and then Boom….outta there with a flourish of smiles 🙂

      6. Looking at this in retrospect and I can only imagine….lol I bet you did those back flips anyway huh 😀 …Keep the light my friend, the darkness is self-sustaining; fighting it only makes you stronger and I can already tell you’re a veteran; I could learn so much from you about being nicer haha happy for you Kim 🙂

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