Doing the same thing, inexplicably expecting

Different results, the definition, 

Of insanity; Inadvertently facilitating,

Room, for the subconscious

To confirm your self-fulfilling prophecy.


– Original-Dante ©2017




Art by: aerroscape

Hypomania is More

A post about Hypomania by my friend Sue 🙂 lovely read.

My Loud Whispers of Hope

The stench from my severe suicidal depression combined with strong suicidal ideations, permeated throughout my brain and out the walls of my skull, creating an unbearable existence for myself and everyone around me.

This horrendous stench of suicide and death that filled my mind, head, thoughts and the air around me gradually dissipated and slowly evaporated over the last two days of my life of living.

My bipolar ultradian rapid cycling brain switched back to the beautiful scent of a hypomanic mood pole, where I am most comfortable, capable and happy to live my life.

Hypomania is when everything is more.

More racing thoughts ricochet throughout my brain. Talking more and faster. Saying more than I should. Being awake more. Getting more things accomplished. Feeling better about myself than I should. Being more creative. Spending more money than I have.

Understanding much more. Understanding at a deeper level. Knowing more than others…

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Certain _ty


And then  I wake up, a few minutes before 

The auditory fatigue, that is my alarm tone

“Let’s do this!” I say, ready to conquer the day

Baseless zeal, energy source strung to a realm

Owned by death’s cousin.


And then I wake up,

“Well, that certainly explains the mid-week energy”

The clock shows time beyond my understanding;

Oversleeping so far gone in my memory

In parallel with Big Foot, a myth.


And then I wake up, just as my alarm rings

“Okay, fine, hilarious” lucid dreams had me on lock

Time to really wake up,

Facing yet another day that withholds secrets,

All set, time for my dramatic exit,

And then I wake up.


– Original-Dante ©2017


Art by: Unknown




Rediscovery //


Everything I’m not,

Made me everything I am.


– Original-Dante ©2017


Art by: aerroscape



Droplets fall, 

Water grounded, gathers,

Drawn to puddles

Appropriate, as the water formations

Serve as timely mirrors

For the re-emerging sun.


– Original-Dante ©2017


Art by: JKRoots


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