Watch how my words, written and spoken

Bypass the threshold of their perception,

Ink percolates, causing much-needed ripples

Between those that love or hate me;

Passive dissection and re-arranging, within my radius

I don’t wait for harmony,

I make room for it.


– Original-Dante ©2017


Art by: chateaugrief



16 Replies to “Ripples.”

      1. I’ve things brewing, found a vintage antique photo at a thrift store and am going to be formulating a story around it 🙂 a bit excited and I know it is quite an undertaking, but I feel it’s time to begin a story 🙂 not poetry of course…..part horror/romance/history, etc…..yay 🙂 I’ve missed you too 🙂

      2. Im guessing the antique photo was in your piece “declaration” right? truly amazing 🙂 …I’m so excited to see your story Kim, once tried to do so in 2014 but never finished it haha might back into it as well…please let me know when you post on it…although I might see it myself with how frequently visit haha

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