Intertwined with the movement,

Liken me to a lightning rod, stationed

On this side of the cosmos, receptive to divine energies,

Power that would, in a second, fry the light bulb

Filament; your idea, left in a crisp

Assuming you’ll ever be better than me.


And when they say we don’t belong here, 

I couldn’t agree more, Backstory richer than Mansa Musa

Melanated Kings and Queens,

Rich in body and mind, were not made to dwell here,

One by one, Extracting them from this world,

For this prison, is not our home.


Your approval to me, as useful as a bonfire on the sun

Just a small dust cloud I vacuum, repackage

And send back to you;

I’m polite that way.


Multi-faceted champion, diamond,

Swerving an exodus through landmines

The floodlights don’t blind us, 

Rays serve as a reminder of our many sides;

Sides you try to hide, from the brain-washed

But it’s only a matter of time…

Watch this space.


– O.D ©2017












13 Replies to “Unapologetic.”

      1. All is well, just hectic. My computer died and put a cramp in my work. I also keep my granddaughter a couple of times a week, she and my youngest daughter are only 5 months apart. 2 1year old running around, lol.

      2. It is unfortunate you computer went dead, I know the feeling, it is unbearable; hopefully you didn’t lose much of it. It’s so sweet how you are spending time with them, must be so much fun 🙂 ❤

      3. It is. I enjoy it so much. I may not look 44, but after a day with these girls I feel old 🙂 I will be catching up on all the poems I’ve missed out on. I was able to post a couple the other day. Looking forward to reading more of your beautiful work.

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