Allow me room, in my Elseworld space

When I become one with, the golden thread,

Piercing the needle’s eye; knowledge and pen I conduct

To work in sequence, I sew pieces together like cloth

Pattern and tune of the stitch,

Relative to recipients.


– Original-Dante ©2017


Art by: ryky






11 Replies to “Process.”

  1. Really falling in love with Ryky through your beautiful poetry. 🙂 I can see both the picture and the poem as a really nice piece of wall art.

  2. What a gift to open up the old lap top to play a bit of catchup, starting with you for its been too long and knowing of course the loveliness I would find ❤ this speaks so much and a great image to accompany too ❤

  3. give thanks you very much 🙂 🙂 I can date both the pictorial matter and the poem as a really overnice slice of bulwark artistic creation.

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