//Good//Bye ()


*Final piece for this () series of poems*


Benefits of tonal shifts

The pressure encapsulating my heart

Dispersed, harnessed and reversed

From a dark pigment to an everlasting glow.


If I am to continue, on this journey

Darkness volleyed my way …

Love is all I need strive to return

From my end of the court, to yours.


To be who I need to be,

I need to acknowledge; let go,

The phantom pain…

We were not meant to be

And that’s alright… 

We embrace love in different ways

And hate you, I will not, instead

I will reflect on our triumphs;

Our cherished moments.


Unveiling my humanity, a rare sight to see

But, for you, I will

“You meant a lot to me

Good-bye …”

For real this time.

– Original-Dante ©2017


Photograph by: incolor16


22 Replies to “//Good//Bye ()”

  1. love is tough and to finish with a simple goodbye and lesson learned which seems to me that the higher road was taken by you, is a miraculous thing. Leaving the dark behind as the light in front is always waiting with open beams 🙂 nicely done Michael, nicely done ❤

  2. Beautiful ending. Seems like you gained a lot more than you lost in the way of a great lesson of understanding. 🙂

      1. You might need to raise it at the WP forums, those guys are usually very helpful with technical issues…also, you might not be the only one facing that problem, I always get crazy glitches here and there 🙂

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