Bracket ()


Shielded from the worst

The sphere had to offer,

Except inevitable eventualities;

Departing the outlier,

Her warm embrace.


“You set ablaze live embers,

You constellate and design star formations”

 She said that of me,

So vehemently

So much so,

I started to believe it too.


– Original-Dante ©2017


Photograph by: incolor16




6 Replies to “Bracket ()”

      1. Always great, haha….but busy, working 31 hrs this coming week, argh! no time to paint and barely enough time in the day to catch up on all my bloggers posts. Off to work shortly too….sigh, but rainy here every day, a good thing 🙂 bye bye drought. Shine on sweets, shine on ❤

      2. 31 hrs, thats a lot! at most I go 22…when can you expect some downtime?

        I’m happy its raining over there, now i’m facing the drought haha

        Have a pleasant day at work my friend 🙂

      3. on 7 days straight, no day off till Thursday….eeks! But enjoying it, getting lots of steps in on my fitbit and making people happy, always a good thing ❤ have a great day too my friend 🙂

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