Bet ()



In her you unearth consistency

Reliability, self-knowledge

Heightened awareness for evil

When you commit,

Second nature to call you out,

For she is conditioned not to tolerate

That which is destined to be banished.


Impurity, gear up

For unpredictability

Like giving your heart to the 6th side of a dice;

Each day is a roll, a gamble, swerves abound 

“Blessed” with curvature, counterweight to all logic

A seductress, Leaving you

As powerful as she wants you to think 

Consistently inconsistent, except

Where it doesn’t matter; you heard me right …

Self-preservation, impure motivations,

Entail you are disposed of

As soon as you outlive your usefulness.


– Original-Dante ©2017


Photograph by: incolor16

6 Replies to “Bet ()”

  1. All sorts of thoughts going on when reading this, you’re a master at words my friend, I’ve always been partial to the 3’s myself…..odd numbers make me smile😊🎲🎲

      1. In my daily routine, I’ve always happened on “Angel numbers” usually 111,333,555, and 777. Whether I glance at the time, gas I’ve pumped till its done, daily I encounter some of them in threes. I know, wacky but it always makes me smile….why? Is it a bad thing? Ha😊

      2. Lol its not a bad thing…I usually come across people who like even numbers, I was interested in seeing why you like them odd 🙂

        Hmmm…I haven’t really considered what numbers I like, something to ponder on haha 😀

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