In the open fields of happiness

Despair, misery, distress

… Weeds, on an otherwise perfect plain

Surface regardless, of no watering can

Reasons to be sad never cease

The dark side is self sufficient

I resist the persistent consensus

As I love in place of hate 

Cultivating my better self to stream

A steady supply to the side

I believe needs it most.

– Original-Dante ©2017

Photograph by:  Setril

9 Replies to “Harbinger.”

      1. Very…very…humid, the heat is off the charts…I’m usually feeling sleepy during the day…and then the rain wakes me up, always comes outta nowhere…umbrella is a MUST-get

      2. Send some my way, in a drought and twelve inches below norm….everything’s withering and dying….life I guess but humid today, slight chance of rain….I miss the sound🌧⛈⚡️🔥but a lot of fires around…..

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