Vanguard For The Light.


Perhaps I need to be more appreciative

Of those that make it their mission

To be undisputed renditions 

Of the dark one’s work,

Thorns to my side,

Projectors of their own

Self supposed defections

Et cetera, et cetera 

Why? simple

Without those brainwashed minions

The fuel to my fire is quelled by a calm,

A calm that ascends from the pool of light

Embedded at the center of my soul,

A calm that translates the fight, as done.

I face my imperfections head-on

Aware when I do my wrongs,

A tug of war with the dark side 

That never seems to end, brings to light

Blisters and scars, I carry as badges 

I could tell you of the time

His wife, wore torn over

Her impending death

Chose to sell her soul to the devil

Using her daughter and sons

In a twisted set of games.

I won’t claim to be the victim, 

Of these happenings

Never have, never will

Her attempts to break me 

Even with the help of her deluded son

Foolhardy as they may have been

Proved to be vital in showing me 

How low humanity is willing to go

In an attempt to sate bitterness;

I was better than them

Because they allowed themselves to think so.

I don’t care if she reads this

Or if her many puppets tell her so,

I am not a slave to rationalizations,

Defending her position,

Calling them family

Both mistakes I will not repeat

You say I may be guilty too, and i’ll agree

Guilty of not exposing this sooner

Guilty of not tolerating the inhibitions

She so thoroughly tried to utilize

In an attempt sew my forced smile in place. 

There is a fine line between respect and fear,

Of which, fear you, I will not

Older or younger, family or friend,

Grow horns in my domain

And I will, without hesitation call out

The very essence that binds you to darkness

Crushing it in my God given palm.

So when I say I’m a battle hardened warrior

A vanguard for the light,

The foundation, in human form,

That holds the canvas

That will, in future,

Give rise to God’s chosen picture

Know that its no lie

Allow yourself to peer into the makings

Of my mind’s given design

And i’ll enlighten you

On what it means

To fight.

 – Original-Dante ©2017

Art by:  jesper-ullbing



6 Replies to “Vanguard For The Light.”

  1. Dark angels speak through strength, and it makes them human and touches a part of shadows we try to hide ❤ beautiful piece Michael ❤ a nice read this fine morning. Happy Monday to you ❤

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