Vanguard For The Light.


Perhaps I need to be more appreciative

Of those that make it their mission

To be undisputed renditions 

Of the dark one’s work,

Thorns to my side,

Projectors of their own

Self supposed defections

Et cetera, et cetera 

Why? simple

Without those brainwashed minions

The fuel to my fire is quelled by a calm,

A calm that ascends from the pool of light

Embedded at the center of my soul,

A calm that translates the fight, as done.

I face my imperfections head-on

Aware when I do my wrongs,

A tug of war with the dark side 

That never seems to end, brings to light

Blisters and scars, I carry as badges 

I could tell you of the time

His wife, wore torn over

Her impending death

Chose to sell her soul to the devil

Using her daughter and sons

In a twisted set of games.

I won’t claim to be the victim, 

Of these happenings

Never have, never will

Her attempts to break me 

Even with the help of her deluded son

Foolhardy as they may have been

Proved to be vital in showing me 

How low humanity is willing to go

In an attempt to sate bitterness;

I was better than them

Because they allowed themselves to think so.

I don’t care if she reads this

Or if her many puppets tell her so,

I am not a slave to rationalizations,

Defending her position,

Calling them family

Both mistakes I will not repeat

You say I may be guilty too, and i’ll agree

Guilty of not exposing this sooner

Guilty of not tolerating the inhibitions

She so thoroughly tried to utilize

In an attempt sew my forced smile in place. 

There is a fine line between respect and fear,

Of which, fear you, I will not

Older or younger, family or friend,

Grow horns in my domain

And I will, without hesitation call out

The very essence that binds you to darkness

Crushing it in my God given palm.

So when I say I’m a battle hardened warrior

A vanguard for the light,

The foundation, in human form,

That holds the canvas

That will, in future,

Give rise to God’s chosen picture

Know that its no lie

Allow yourself to peer into the makings

Of my mind’s given design

And i’ll enlighten you

On what it means

To fight.

 – Original-Dante ©2017

Art by:  jesper-ullbing





This medium does little

To hide what I think or feel

Poetry, the moon

The sun, my burning heart

The high-tide giver, once in a while

Tries to eclipse my ball of fire

But only serves

To make it shine

That much brighter.


The sonic from my words

Builds bricks that surround me

Shielded does not begin to describe

How protected my core is;

So when they say they know who I am

I allow them to believe that;

Serves to be easier than giving them a dose

Of extra-terrestrial enlightenment

Blindsiding them

With other-worldly actualities.


A supporter of love

But try push me to the edge

With your ill-intentions?

 Instinct, in turn, dictates 

I re-write this

Into an entirely new play;

You: deer

Me: headlights



 – Original-Dante ©2017


Photograph by: samuilvel




Oh how satisfying it will be,

Seeing your face turn purple

A royal mash-up of red and blue,

Frustration, holding your breath,

Baseless anticipation;

Waiting for your curse to work

Not a big fan of giving spoilers

But I can offer you this much as a clue

A Re-breather is in order.

 – Original-Dante ©2017

Photograph by:  Magggggg




Be satisfied when you, by chance,

Get a glimpse of where I reside

Shield you eyes, from my glare,

For it will, without a doubt,

Leave you blind

Eternally i’ll burn and grind

Materializing the dark intentions

Of anything and anyone that

Enters my gaze

Through that dark form.

 – Original-Dante ©2017

Photograph by: RobinHedberg





Welcome to the endpoint

The by-product of the 72 hour turnover

Emotional re-assessment

Recalling what makes me so different

Its not the pondering;

Ruminating, on the already lost

Or wallowing in despair

Embracing the phantom pain

From external sources.

My approach to life

Makes little sense to others,

No matter, for their opinions

Are but wisps in the wind,

I am not a pawn on these four borders

This checkered grid

No, for I am that which holds

The chess board. 

A human will be the last thing

That contains the many dimensions

My character exhibits 

Through their own short-comings;

I will not let a fragment

Of my collective being

Be that which makes me

Deviate from my dreams.

For I draw the borders

Of my mental capacity,

I marshal the intergalactic thought process,

I give direction to thoughts that manifest

Straight out of deep space,

Never-mind the velocity,

The trickling in, of negative energy

Warp speeds mean nothing to me

Anger, depression, I fight

Through knowledge siphoned

From Interplanetary rifts

Making intrinsic, a dialect

Only a few know exists:

Being aware

Of a bigger world

That awaits us;

Out there.

 – Original-Dante ©2017

Art by:  cosmicbound



CLOUDs (Part 5: Final)


CLOUDs (part 1)

CLOUDs (part 2)

CLOUDs (part 3)

CLOUDs (Part 4)


The knots on lifes’ string will not be

The definitive factor that breaks me

At the darkness’s behest, dark clouds hover

Carpeting the sky, attempts at 

Cutting my ties with the source;

Redundantly overshadowing an otherwise 

Gloomy quest.


Pain comes from where we least expect it

My quest for love did not go

As I had initially intended,

Instead, it took a turn, then another,

And then another …

I do not know what saddens me more

The betrayal, or my heart becoming accustomed to it.

Many great men have embraced the pain

Used it as an excuse to inflict

It would be so easy, wouldn’t it?

 Undoubtedly, this event will change

The established code

But not facilitate

Inhibitions that coil the light

In my heart

Instead, it will be that

Which I step on

To reach that

Which I deserve.

 – Original-Dante ©2017


Photograph by: MikkoLagerstedt


Moving On.


Maybe its time I severed the anchor

That tries on every occasion

To tear my heart asunder.

– Original-Dante ©2017

Photograph by: Raingarden

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