Flying through ether

Guarantees a higher level of awareness,

The life I live entails

I’m blinded by clouds on a daily

Sometimes, the ever ambitious beaver

Tries to shoot me down

With ceaseless hate speeches,

Otherwise known as unparalleled kindles

To my kerosene filled pen,

They give a spark, I burn their words

From where they begin, to where they end.

I soar the skies,

Not to prove that I can

But to look for answers …

Take a break from making excuses,

Being a saboteur,

And notice

How there’s plenty of room

In the sky

For all of us.

– Original-Dante ©2017

Daily Prompt: Blur


8 Replies to “Ether.”

      1. sometimes I’m here, sometimes there….but always in spirit of course, busy days, company visiting till Saturday so slowly returning to normal 🙂 thanks michael ❤

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