Incarnation Of The Freedom Seekers.


Peace in the facilitation of my seclusion

Anti-social to you, zen for me

Tending to the demons in my dungeon

Seemingly trapped to you

But remember when Joseph came out of his?

This one seed was planted deeper

More to shoot through, worth it

Their faces, when my persistent existence

Helps them pull their hair out.

I promise to be a thorn in your side

Capsize your will to fight

With little to no effort

Never my intention,

Passive buffer of my aura

Plus a by-product of your choice

To loathe me.

A waste of time

For I am that which you can’t explain

That which you wish to understand

The extra-terrestrial approach of the star-seed

400 year incarnation of the freedom seekers

Dark matter manipulator

Gatekeeper to the center;

Our collective consciousness,  

Champion, of the Black Star.

– Original-Dante ©2017

Photograph by: kapanaga


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