15 Days Too Early.


Been fending off ambitious extras on my set

Making more of a chapter

Others wish to undermine,

Illustrating over quadruple digit pages

A singular chapter that makes brochures

Of what others deem complete stories.

Learning to show restraint on the uninformed

Am I being condescending, If I

Give those who need one over me the chance?

Gifted in matters of the heart and mind

A well placed word or two

Dismantles aggressors faster than a Lego set.

Realize something,

The day I learn something from you

Is when I jot notes

On where best to pierce others in the back;

I left your dagger in place

As a reminder that i’m stronger;

That people like you exist.

As easy as it would be

To re-direct a shooting star

Obliterating your vessel 

You are not worth it

Never in your lifetime

Would I unsheathe my sword

For the already defeated.

– Original-Dante ©2017

Photograph by:  werol


9 Replies to “15 Days Too Early.”

  1. “A well placed word or two – Dismantles aggressors faster than a Lego set”. – Fantastic and packed with truth! I love everything about this line. The power of our words is a force to be reckoned with. Sometimes carefully placed words carry much more weight than physical and verbal aggression.

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