Live from the dungeon 

The dungeon, that is my mind

My mind, in line, with the wave-lenghth

The wave-length, that siphons

Siphons, the golden thread

The golden thread, that binds

That binds, me, to my creative side

My creative side, fuels my inner architect.

My inner-architect, fine-tuning the foundation

The foundation, of what will be

What will be? my reality

What will be my reality, besides my dreams?

Besides my dreams, what makes me move?

Makes me move

Move, like a clan of sleepwalkers

Like a clan of sleepwalkers, My dreams,

My dreams, are what propel me 

Propel me, Forward,

Forward, into the future.

Into the future, I already am

I already am, as you read this

You read this, as I plan what to do next

What to do next, besides write?

– Original-Dante ©2016

Art by: cosmicbound



17 Replies to “Crazy.”

      1. clearly i hit send too early before, i meant to say i am good 🙂 …went to see my family for christmas…now back to the grind haha …how are things with you?

      2. Lol we all love the grind huh haha :D…spent Christmas renovating the house lol i know, its not all that great…

        With how busy you were at the end of 2016…Im happy you spent time with the family 🙂

      1. yes it did my friend, lovely New Year and working weekends for the most part, took a transfer to another store to get more hours, I like the job, lots of fun 🙂 life is good. Are you writing off line at least to keep those beautiful pieces churning out?

  1. “Into the future, I already am” – isn’t that amazing? How quickly we are propelled into our future? In just one second, my current thought will become the past and I’ll be living in a moment that I once dreamed about. And to know that as I read your words, you’re already in forward motion.

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