No weapon formed shall ever prosper,

Words, you re-design and hurl my way

Are the virtual equivalent of sand grains

Trying to pierce my golden armor.

My transfiguration entails

That I light the darkest side of the moon

While you,  say all you can

Behind the skirts of your puppet master;

Consider it a curtain yet to close

On your otherwise shallow act.

An act I let play on

Noting how much it means to you

As rubbing it out would leave you empty

With no identity,

Without a role

I.e. without purpose

As part of the collective consciousness

You’d expect us to work together

Since we’re but fragments

Of a bigger whole,

A bigger whole, that is, in essence

Experiencing itself.

To save myself the act

Of having to fry the filament in your light bulb

With a dialect that makes little sense to you

I retract the idea of your existence

From my pocket dimension,

Leaving one of us tormented

With the idea of the other.

– Original-Dante ©2016

Art by: Ov3RMinD


20 Replies to “Transfiguration.”

      1. Busy week at work…but a good thing, love what I do so can’t call it work really….well now you can write me a piece for Christmas and I can send even more love, just kidding…..I love the way your words make me pause and think😊🙏🏻

      2. Funny thing…i always come to your blog to get into a good mood Kim…you radiate positivity…something i’m lacking at this moment haha I hope your work load decreases during this festive season 🙂 …I might just write that poem, you never know 😀

      3. I shall be looking forward to it my friend. It’s funny, people come into your life for a reason and you don’t always know why but this is the second time I’ve heard this today (positivity) I was working and a woman came in and watched me interacting with the customer and told me how amazing I was with people, she wants to call me Tuesday about a job with “great pay” and a lot more fun than what I’m doing, now I love my job, although it’s only been two months and I told her that, but I keep myself open as things happen for a reason in my mind…stepping stones and all…wow, an amazing day and you just reinforced it with your awesomeness! Can you see my smiling from that far away? cause I am….if you ever need to vent, please feel free to email me, you won’t be the first or last I’m sure and I’m cool with that…just may take me a day to get back depending on my work schedule that day. I have it on my gravitar I think….not a secret or anything 🙂 peace to you my friend and have a beautiful star filled night 🙂

      1. You can just click my name And keep scrolling down until you see the title. It’s 3rd or 4th post down

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