No shortage of obstacles barring the road

To my intended dream,


Clear-cut vision going blurry

When would-be doubt sets in.

…And that’s as far as it goes

Endless vigor emanates

From this end of cyberspace,

As I let my light radiate

Through the cracks I create

On walls built by architects,

Who envision our world as suitable

With the facilitation of division.

A rebel against systems of suppression

Hordes from the abyss would have me forfeit, 

(Heh) the very projection of the thought

Kindles the wildest fire within me, 

A torch bearer

With an ink well that materializes

Wherever my mind travels

Be it this planet or the next.

My ambition:

Touching hearts and minds

Here and beyond, 

Reviving ears and eyes

With the torches I light

Through the words

I ceaselessly write.

– Original-Dante ©2016

Photograph by: MarcoHeisler


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