A Small Reminder.


I could be the last of my kind

Left on the front-lines,

Fighting against the relentless darkness

With what I love as a weapon;

But never in a million years

Would I dream of switching sides.

At war with inner demons

Slaying them left and right,

A gold fish using the ocean as its backyard

I guess the memo never got around;

My endorsement from God

Allows me to elicit power beyond understanding,

As I flick hordes back to the abyss

With nothing but my fingertips.

I draw a tether between planets 

Acting as a link and conduit

Fueling the brightest of stars,

Re-arranging asterisms

Outlining Orion’s belt

To look like a glossy hour glass,

My fifth dimensional design

Star-dust seeping through,

Just a small reminder 

To help the enemy remember,

That time is running out.

– Original-Dante ©2016

Art by: RedXen


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