Then she stared at me blankly,

With those bloodshot eyes 

Saying I love you,

I’m smiling,

Re-setting… Frozen,


Wait, did she mean me,

Or her hidden stash?

– Original-Dante ©2016

Photograph by: IvanAndreevich



23 Replies to “Answers.”

      1. OHHH! See I was thinking she might have been losing sleep over decisions…Many men can mean a conundrum too. 😉

      2. Well that is the first I’ve heard that, sorry 😦 WP hates me, I swear! Let me see if I can change that. Or just email me 😉

      3. My pleasure, really 😉 And you are just the kind of follower I am looking for… I’m kinda fond of stalking, tend to do it myself. In fact been thinking about writing about it- purely fictional though…unless WP counts. 😛

      4. The theme you touch on of fighting with your inner self I can relate with as I write a lot about that…the erotic poems are a welcome deviation too…i don’t know if it’s your intention to make the reader “feel” things haha cuz I do…i testament to your skill….i’d like to collaborate with you one day if you dont mind 🙂

      5. I am intrigued at the idea of collaborating yes 😉

        As for the inner fight, it is truly a difficulty to be at odds with ones self. Sexuality is just one of those things.

        Now, on to the good stuff. Yes, erotic is certainly what I am going for in many of these. I want the reader to be horny and turned on when they are done 100% 😉

      6. I have been drawn since the moment I read you the first time… I was just waiting for you to catch up 😉 lol!

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