Then she stared at me blankly,

With those bloodshot eyes 

Saying I love you,

I’m smiling,

Re-setting… Frozen,


Wait, did she mean me,

Or her hidden stash?

– Original-Dante ©2016

Photograph by: IvanAndreevich



23 Replies to “Answers.”

    1. Bloodshot eyes…marijuana…could smell it when she spoke

      So is she saying she loves me or does she need marijuana to make her say so? Which means she really doesn’t

      Conundrum 😛

      1. OHHH! See I was thinking she might have been losing sleep over decisions…Many men can mean a conundrum too. 😉

      2. Well that is the first I’ve heard that, sorry 😦 WP hates me, I swear! Let me see if I can change that. Or just email me 😉

      3. My pleasure, really 😉 And you are just the kind of follower I am looking for… I’m kinda fond of stalking, tend to do it myself. In fact been thinking about writing about it- purely fictional though…unless WP counts. 😛

      4. The theme you touch on of fighting with your inner self I can relate with as I write a lot about that…the erotic poems are a welcome deviation too…i don’t know if it’s your intention to make the reader “feel” things haha cuz I do…i testament to your skill….i’d like to collaborate with you one day if you dont mind 🙂

      5. I am intrigued at the idea of collaborating yes 😉

        As for the inner fight, it is truly a difficulty to be at odds with ones self. Sexuality is just one of those things.

        Now, on to the good stuff. Yes, erotic is certainly what I am going for in many of these. I want the reader to be horny and turned on when they are done 100% 😉

      6. I have been drawn since the moment I read you the first time… I was just waiting for you to catch up 😉 lol!

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