All Over The Place.


I find peace in my own thoughts

Memorabilia manifest at the heart

Of my thought process, rather,

The room in my mind palace reserved

For my personalized montage.

They say we need to be in touch with reality

Who’s? theirs? Or the over-arching one?

Who determines where it starts or ends?

Good attempts at unintentional jokes,

I choose the reality that puts my heart

And mind at ease,

Yes, at ease, as I dump the idea

Of falling in line.

You could either accept to be a part of the fold

Or to be aware of the fold, so you can escape

And become your own,

I’m neither this or that;

I don’t aim to be better or to catch up to anyone

Low-key machinations of self-constructed servitude;

Scorched the idea of being interlinked

With the lives of others;

So instead of wanting to be the best

I chose to do better,

To live.

– Original-Dante ©2016

Photograph by: eKBS

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