Under Water.


I pour myself over the crooked canvas,

The words I give you

Come out with a twisted imprint;

How else would you take it

When all i say

You decipher as an invasion?

This isn’t a piece about saving the world

Finding my inner peace, learning to forgive…

Nothing so superficial, no, its more than that,

This is a piece about what resides at my core

The anger that keeps me under water;

This is a piece about the hardest stories

I’ve ever had to share;

How loving her is a bigger task each day,

How I wish to be a better father,

How I want to have a fragment of my mother’s light

How I want my sister to achieve her dreams

How I want my brother and I to achieve happiness

How I want to leave a cemented legacy

How I want those who “act” like they care about me

To eat a brick.

This is more than poetry

This is a black hole opening at the core

An inter-galactic vacuum making short work

Of what we illustrate as our conscious existence;

This is ink straight out of deep space

Lighting up the canvas that is our universe,

Mushroom clouds at the center, my heart,

… You thought the Big Bang was real?

No, this is.

– Original-Dante ©2016

Photograph by: Hengki24





26 Replies to “Under Water.”

  1. Those who act like they care, are living their reality, let go. Why carry the weight of their perception? You see it differently, live your reality.

      1. Yep. I had a stalker. Closed the whole thing. But, I’ve missed writing/reading. So, I started a new one. Had to use ‘insidious’ though!! Love that word. Hopefully the ass-***e stalker won’t find me… I’ve missed reading your stuff my friend! I will post something in a day or two. Just started this today.

      2. OD, I think he is mentally unstable. I was trying to just ignore him. I would prefer to do that. If he somehow finds me, then I will. Ugh.😟

  2. loved this the most :
    This is ink straight out of deep space

    Lighting up the canvas that is our universe,

    Mushroom clouds at the center, my heart,
    strong and emotional piece, you must be back with a vengeance my friend, and it is wonderful indeed! Peace and love, K

      1. It was wonderful, as they all are….my choice to wake each day and seek the best, or at least enjoy the little things that bring joy, like your return😊💕

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