Under Water.


I pour myself over the crooked canvas,

The words I give you

Come out with a twisted imprint;

How else would you take it

When all i say

You decipher as an invasion?

This isn’t a piece about saving the world

Finding my inner peace, learning to forgive…

Nothing so superficial, no, its more than that,

This is a piece about what resides at my core

The anger that keeps me under water;

This is a piece about the hardest stories

I’ve ever had to share;

How loving her is a bigger task each day,

How I wish to be a better father,

How I want to have a fragment of my mother’s light

How I want my sister to achieve her dreams

How I want my brother and I to achieve happiness

How I want to leave a cemented legacy

How I want those who “act” like they care about me

To eat a brick.

This is more than poetry

This is a black hole opening at the core

An inter-galactic vacuum making short work

Of what we illustrate as our conscious existence;

This is ink straight out of deep space

Lighting up the canvas that is our universe,

Mushroom clouds at the center, my heart,

… You thought the Big Bang was real?

No, this is.

– Original-Dante ©2016

Photograph by: Hengki24





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