No shortage of obstacles barring the road

To my intended dream,


Clear-cut vision going blurry

When would-be doubt sets in.

…And that’s as far as it goes

Endless vigor emanates

From this end of cyberspace,

As I let my light radiate

Through the cracks I create

On walls built by architects,

Who envision our world as suitable

With the facilitation of division.

A rebel against systems of suppression

Hordes from the abyss would have me forfeit, 

(Heh) the very projection of the thought

Kindles the wildest fire within me, 

A torch bearer

With an ink well that materializes

Wherever my mind travels

Be it this planet or the next.

My ambition:

Touching hearts and minds

Here and beyond, 

Reviving ears and eyes

With the torches I light

Through the words

I ceaselessly write.

– Original-Dante ©2016

Photograph by: MarcoHeisler


A Gesture To The Stars.


I glow to the stars

As the stars glow to us

Burning ambition that makes short work

Of the threshold that binds;

I mark our existence

To the extra-terrestrial community

With the words I write.

I am a glimmer on the darkest landscape

Playing tango with the sun 

Making the stars wonder

If perhaps the sun has a bigger brother …

Who outshines who they ask.

In a monotone 

I put order to the confusion and let them know,

That we, as humanity, are the chosen

And try as they might

Our light when combined

Brings out the brightest shine.

– Original-Dante ©2016

Art by: Ov3RMinD


When Dreams Fade Away (Collaboration)


My contribution to a collaborative poem by Neha from the blog, ForgottenMeadows

You can find the entire collaboration here


When it all fades to black

Like the end of a motion picture,

Despair morphing into a beast

Looking to take control

Distorting my peripheral vision

Chewing a bigger fraction of my pie chart …

I, in turn,

Hunt like a blood hound

For what is rightfully mine,

I grip the collar of my dreams

Put them on a leash,

Make them recite my name

Till they realize they are not aligned

With anything or anyone except me,

In a world as cruel as ours,

When fighting for the good of others

Vying for justice,

Being gentle can only last so long.

– Original-Dante ©2016

Photograph by: GestianPoet21


The Longest Poem I’ve Ever Had To Write.


I put my thoughts into sequence

Aligning them with external sources

Racking my brain to try

By any means necessary, to make sense

Of some of the most ludicrous actions

Divulged by those I view highly,

Those I’m meant to care about;

Simply put, maybe I shouldn’t.

Spotted like a dalmatian in the act

Of demeaning what I consider sacred,

Our bond, conjuring excuses,

Undermining my intelligence,

Well, that’s just nice isn’t it …

Be all you can be without restraint,

They start to think you’re looking down on them;

Be humble, for them not to feel intimidated

They think they can take advantage.

Power motives upon power motives,

Politicking with the ones you love,

What will become of me when the line

I’ve always drawn on family is erased?

This much willpower in a mortal straddles grey,

All it takes is a small change in the code

To nudge me deeper onto either side.

Full of yourself like a matryoshka doll

Disposing of honor just to prove a point

What else will you get rid off

When greed calls for it? Your puzzle not mine,

Too busy channeling power through intergalactic rifts;

Born and bred from a line of kings and queens

And taking the easy way has never been

Our way to life,

Still putting finishing touches to the process;

Still building a set of stairs for others

Who have yet to realize

Our home is not here, but among the stars.

Forgive me for only realizing too late

That we were always strangers,

But thank you for being a testament

To the devil’s work, just another victim

I have yet to exorcise;

I take the strings you pull from the background

Use them to tie you to the stake you burn

Human kindness with.

And when I orbit your vessel and mine

I see you’re still trapped in yours,

Highly impressionable

Like a bride yet to wed life and its happenings

Still clouded by a veil of our fragile existence.

Trying to test my thinning patience

Find your self without having to use me,

Aggressive towards injustice

Regardless of who you think you are,

Fly too close to me with ill-intentions

And I’ll fry your wax wings to oblivion

Yours Sincerely, A fragment of the Black Star.

– Original-Dante ©2016

Art by: KennethJensen


A Small Reminder.


I could be the last of my kind

Left on the front-lines,

Fighting against the relentless darkness

With what I love as a weapon;

But never in a million years

Would I dream of switching sides.

At war with inner demons

Slaying them left and right,

A gold fish using the ocean as its backyard

I guess the memo never got around;

My endorsement from God

Allows me to elicit power beyond understanding,

As I flick hordes back to the abyss

With nothing but my fingertips.

I draw a tether between planets 

Acting as a link and conduit

Fueling the brightest of stars,

Re-arranging asterisms

Outlining Orion’s belt

To look like a glossy hour glass,

My fifth dimensional design

Star-dust seeping through,

Just a small reminder 

To help the enemy remember,

That time is running out.

– Original-Dante ©2016

Art by: RedXen




Then she stared at me blankly,

With those bloodshot eyes 

Saying I love you,

I’m smiling,

Re-setting… Frozen,


Wait, did she mean me,

Or her hidden stash?

– Original-Dante ©2016

Photograph by: IvanAndreevich



All Over The Place.


I find peace in my own thoughts

Memorabilia manifest at the heart

Of my thought process, rather,

The room in my mind palace reserved

For my personalized montage.

They say we need to be in touch with reality

Who’s? theirs? Or the over-arching one?

Who determines where it starts or ends?

Good attempts at unintentional jokes,

I choose the reality that puts my heart

And mind at ease,

Yes, at ease, as I dump the idea

Of falling in line.

You could either accept to be a part of the fold

Or to be aware of the fold, so you can escape

And become your own,

I’m neither this or that;

I don’t aim to be better or to catch up to anyone

Low-key machinations of self-constructed servitude;

Scorched the idea of being interlinked

With the lives of others;

So instead of wanting to be the best

I chose to do better,

To live.

– Original-Dante ©2016

Photograph by: eKBS

Under Water.


I pour myself over the crooked canvas,

The words I give you

Come out with a twisted imprint;

How else would you take it

When all i say

You decipher as an invasion?

This isn’t a piece about saving the world

Finding my inner peace, learning to forgive…

Nothing so superficial, no, its more than that,

This is a piece about what resides at my core

The anger that keeps me under water;

This is a piece about the hardest stories

I’ve ever had to share;

How loving her is a bigger task each day,

How I wish to be a better father,

How I want to have a fragment of my mother’s light

How I want my sister to achieve her dreams

How I want my brother and I to achieve happiness

How I want to leave a cemented legacy

How I want those who “act” like they care about me

To eat a brick.

This is more than poetry

This is a black hole opening at the core

An inter-galactic vacuum making short work

Of what we illustrate as our conscious existence;

This is ink straight out of deep space

Lighting up the canvas that is our universe,

Mushroom clouds at the center, my heart,

… You thought the Big Bang was real?

No, this is.

– Original-Dante ©2016

Photograph by: Hengki24







And when I write,

Reflecting on the many happenings

I wish to share with you.

It dawns on me, each and every time,

How there’s not enough surface

On this earth

For me to vent all I have hidden within.

Sewing all my pieces together

Unveils the greater message,

… As it’s never enough,

I figured it best to let

The ink percolate

Through my journal.

An involuntary Ink blot test

Dominating pages I have yet to open,

Outlining images that open a window

To a reality that makes sense,

To only a few.

– Original-Dante ©2016

Picture by: eldachleich




Give me a mouthpiece and a platform

Hell, even crayon and paper

And i’ll prove to you, That I,

Like the sun,

From the beginning

Till the end of my time,

Only need one chance to shine.

– Original-Dante ©2016

Photograph by: tomsumartin

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