Break Time.

Hey everyone, I’m going to be taking an indefinite break from blogging for a while; I just moved so I’m getting things in order. I’ll be back as soon as I can though, you can count on that. Any comments you leave I’ll respond to when I get back so don’t think i’m ignoring or anything lol!

Take care everyone, and stay blessed 🙂


– Original-Dante

Six Pages In.


Don’t fool yourself into assuming

You can understand this being

In ten thousand words or less,

ill-advised to attempt

Navigating the mind map

You see on display, as it has

More twists and turns than licorice.


Overtake me on the journey

To the center of my consciousness

Before rendering judgement

Or baseless understandings

On an existence that is not your own.


Before you learn how to touch the knob

To my mind palace

I circumvent the reality

You are trying so hard

To catch up to,

As I turn the page

To map out a new dimension.


– Original-Dante ©2016


Art by:  Lemmy-X


What Am I Without?


Much obliged,

For calling me talented …

The ultra-skilled Star seed …


But where..?

Where does all that skill you see

Come from?


If not from the hurt,

The pain,

Which is self-sustaining;

Bottom line is

What skill do I have

Without this medium eclipsing

My burning heart?


– Original-Dante ©2016


Art by: A4size-ska


Daily Prompt: Eclipse


Intergalactic Musical.


The letters I illustrate far bypass

The containment

Of the terrestrial alphabet,

Look closely and you’ll envision

The pictures I draw.


My heart beat plays the part

Of the metronome as I

Harmonize the earth, the moon

And the stars, with the ethereal ink

A conductor using the pen, my baton,

To grace vacant and incomplete lines

With melodious tunes that bind.


Knowledge that seeps 

From intergalactic rifts

Aligns with

My brain waves as I

Decode the cipher that denotes

What is relatively intrinsic …

That we, as humanity, are capable of more

Than we give ourselves credit for.


– Original-Dante ©2016


Art by:  sewer-pancake


Daily Prompt: Melody


Questions #2


Questions #1




Because its different

Does it necessarily make it wrong?

Or is that kind of thinking

A reflection of the rational mind

Trying to justify

What the conscience believes

To be inherently wrong?


But is it really?

Or is questioning the aforementioned

A result of human nature’s shackles

Passively gearing everyone

Towards conformity?


– Original-Dante ©2016


Art by:  Ninjatic

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