Start Living.


Must be fun taking shortcuts

To being who you wish

Society would see you as;

Being highly impressionable

Like a dead fish, swaying where

The strongest current takes you;

Susceptible to societal pitfalls

A slave to peoples’ perceptions.


First line = sarcasm

But I know the addiction

Of wanting to be number one

Feels worth it

When you’re at the “bottom”

But where is the bottom?

There is none

Unless you allow yourself

To believe

That there is one.


There is no-one better

Or worse than you

Unless you’re not sure of yourself

And feel you need to prove

Something to yourself

Or others, but why?

Why exert all that energy

Into proving

Instead of re-directing it all

To living?


– Original-Dante ©2016


Photograph by:  Northstar76


Daily Prompt: Cheat


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