New Generation Gold.


Last year I remember seeing a poem in a newspaper article about young poets (like myself) failing to adopt what poetry stands for and how we are slowly destroying the art. I didn’t take note of the poet’s name, because I thought nothing of it at the time; only the message he was giving.

In context, all he was saying was that this (poetry) is something we’re not good at, since we are so fixated on things like fashion and social media e.t.c.

In essence, he wants us to adopt the style he deems appropriate or we don’t write poetry at all.  The editor seemed very fascinated by all of it, saying that since the poet is highly renowned his opinion must hold some merit. Felt like a suck up session to me, I don’t know why I remembered the whole thing today but, I decided to respond to the poem regardless…




Competing for a supposed throne

Through the art form

Has never really been

My kind of scene.


But suppose we WERE to compete

Your chance to belittle me,

Showing the divide between us

The perfect opportunity to show

How you’re up there

And I’m down here,

You’d love that wouldn’t you?


Well, spoiler alert

Because if we compete

What you see as an ordinary,

Lush and Green mind

Will expose your eyes

To ethereal designs,

Taking your mind through

The longest train of thought,

Leaving you out of breath as I

Write tartan track laps around you.


We would start at the same line

And I would be back

Before you decide to begin;

Don’t make me commit a crime

By leaving your mind with a chalk outline

Analogy for the brain dead state

I’ll leave you with

After reality sets in. 


Tempting as that would be

I realize that it takes a great person

To discover the power hidden within,

But it takes a rare

And special kind of person

To respect everyone regardless

Of that discovery.


– Original-Dante ©2016


Photograph by:  Aquilapse


There is no right or wrong way to write matters of the heart, the old man should escape from his cocoon.

18 Replies to “New Generation Gold.”

  1. Change is never easy. Sounds like the poet may be stuck and beginning to feel irrelevant. Which they are not unless they allow themselves to feel that way. My philosophy is: It takes all kinds to make a world.
    Nice poem, Michael

  2. I’m loving your “hypothetical” response to him! I agree The Poetry Channel. It sounds to me as if this poet feels left behind as poetry develops and progresses. Some people are traditionalist and struggle immensely with change. But it doesn’t give him the right to bash fellow artists. Shame – on – him

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