Untold Chronicles (Part 10)


Sequel to Part 6

Part 1-9 can be found here


The more she shot

Insistently precise

Verbal missiles to his heart,

The more she inevitably

Drew them


– Original-Dante ©2016


Photograph by:  ucilito

Daily Prompt: Youth

Ongoing/Finished Stories Update.


I realized many stories I’ve been writing are difficult to navigate on my blog, so I decided the best solution is to have a persistent post that gets updated as the stories progress. When I’m about to post the next part of any series I’ll update this post to reflect when the post will be getting published on WordPress.

(Bookmarking this page might help for those who want to keep checking )

Below is a list of the stories I’ve written and finished, as well as the ones that are still ongoing, I hope you find one that suits your tastes 🙂


The Untold Chronicles Series (Ongoing)

A set of different stories in the same universe with various characters portraying differing perspectives. Focuses on many themes (mostly dark) and the reality behind actions people take without our knowledge. I hope you enjoy. 🙂


Untold Chronicles (Part 1)

Untold Chronicles (Part 2)

Untold Chronicles (Part 3)

Untold Chronicles (Part 4)

Untold Chronicles (Part 5)

Untold Chronicles (Part 6)

Untold Chronicles (Part 7)

                              Untold Chronicles (Part 8) (Sequel to Part 2)

                               Untold Chronicles (Part 9)  (Sequel to Part 7)

                                Untold Chronicles (Part 10) (Sequel to Part 6)

Untold Chronicles (Part 11)

              Untold Chronicles (Part 12) (W.I.P)

Untold Chronicles (Part 13)

Untold Chronicles (Part 14)

          Untold Chronicles (Part 15:Final)


The Platform. (Ongoing)

09_19_2013_by_tomatomatomato-d6n5dbu (2)

A story of family, music, love and fame. 

The Platform (Part 1)

The Platform (Part 2)

The Platform (Part 3)

The Platform (Part 4) (W.I.P)


The Invisibility Trilogy (Finished)


Musings on the idea of being invisible.

Practically Invisible


The Invisibility Trilogy


CLOUDs (Finished)


A bit on the personal side, posts come out once every year.

CLOUDs (part 1)

CLOUDs (part 2)

CLOUDs (part 3)

CLOUDs (Part 4)

CLOUDs (Part 5:Final) 


I hope you take the time to look at some of the stories i’ve written 🙂 any form of feed-back is welcome. Take care 🙂 .

– Original-Dante

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