Awareness For My Pocket Dimension.


Letting you pass my force field

Comes with its own baggage,

Learn to decipher between

My real and fake grins

Before you say you know me;

As knowing me and staying after

Are two battles

I wouldn’t blame you for forfeiting.


You would not tolerate the thought

Of feeling sorry for me ,

If you were aware

That at this very moment,

In a pocket dimension,

There’s a tug of war

On whats best for me;

As I let the thought

Of fighting for you

Drift in and out the threshold

Of existence.


– Original-Dante ©2016


Art by: Lemmy-X


Daily Prompt: Complicated


16 Replies to “Awareness For My Pocket Dimension.”

      1. Oh, sorry. Misunderstood your last. I knew what was up. Just making colorful (maybe not) commentary.
        Have a good Sunday

      1. I am! As I hope you are as well. I think I’m going to write a few poems soon. And if I do, I’ll be responding to your poems in my own. Should be fun – interesting nonetheless lol.

      2. I’m good thanks…you’re gonna write poetry? ooooooh can’t wait 😀 ….how will you be responding to my poems? 😛 i’m finding this really interesting btw 🙂

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