The Platform (Part 3)

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The Platform (part 1)

The Platform (part 2)

What was the point of it all,

If following her dreams

Meant losing those she loved?


Her knight had made her choose,

An ultimatum fueled by insecurity;

Choosing between her music, and him,

It didn’t make any sense

… Didn’t he get it?

All this…

Everything she had worked for,

It wasn’t just for her,

It was for them.


Didn’t they all get it?

It was because of all their efforts

That she was here,

It was their support

That gave her the drive

Now that she had made it,

All of it was going away.


Did this mean

That all of them initially thought

She had no chance of getting this far?

All of a sudden, all she had were her fans

Showing her more attention

Than those she craved it from.


Was it her fault

That staying in peak form

Came at the cost

Of not talking to her loved ones

More often?


If all he saw through her success

Was their divide, then maybe…

Just maybe… she had to let him go,

If he knew her well

He wouldn’t have had to make her choose

Between being herself,

And being him.


– Original-Dante ©2016


Art by: tomatomatomato


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