*******A Poem For My Birthday*******


A product of the 90s

Long before the two-thousannaires,

Black Star origins with an Alabama twist

Born and bred with one focus in mind,

Bringing change that starts with me

And seeps from my vessel touching passer-bys.


Gentle at heart

But aggressive towards injustice,

The light-bearer, no matter how dim,

The harsh truth giver,

The all-in lover,

The family oriented being

Who does not, and will not

At any point

Wait for another flawed human being

To tell him how special he is,

Societal expectations would dictate that I wait

… as if impaired by cognitive dissonance,

Or an otherwise malfunctioning mouthpiece.


Endorsement from a higher existence

Entails that this, is a phase

And through this phase of unpredictable change

I took the role of a champion,

Not chosen by the people

But one who has taken the mantle

Of being the missing puzzle piece

In the war against darkness;

Not for the non-existent benefits

But for the hardships therein.


In a world where those in power

Control through suppression and fear

I speak for those who are afraid,

I speak for those who have given up

This role I chose

Far transcends the confines

Of earthly doctrines and human condition,

With this role, I chose

To be an ambassador

For the heavens.


– Original-Dante ©2016



20 Replies to “Ascension.”

  1. The light-bearer, no matter how dim,

    The harsh truth giver,

    The all-in lover,
    ……..all of that was awesomeness!!! Happy birthday, make a wish, and blow put the candle light….see how I went into a Boyz to Men song at the end. Lol 🙂

  2. An ambassador for the heavens – You better spit that power King!!! I can’t believe I missed your birthday 😦 I hate being behind in blogging. Now that I just finished my article – I can finally catch up. There’s no better person to speak to the masses on their behalf, so keep doing what you do. Your light will always shine – dim at times or not 🙂

      1. I miss u too 😦 …the platform im using only allows me to see posts…sometimes…bu ti’ll be back in November most likely….and I can’t wait to read the poem you’ve written…please send me a link to the poem…I promise to write you one too 🙂 …moving sucks lol!

      2. I’m so happy to hear from you! I haven’t written it yet but now I’m going to race and do it lol. I can’t wait until November comes 😀

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