The Deepest End.


I don’t compartmentalize the sun,

Or look at it the same way as others

Then color myself satisfied,

No, I go deeper and consider

What makes it spark?

Regardless of the answer,

I don’t hover on the theory

Of what made it spark,

No, I go deeper and consider

What its rays are shining on.

A lot of things

So I narrow it down,


Its shining on people,

Drenched in sweat

Walking on the desert sand,

Rays forming shadows

Naturally mirroring their motions.

But of coarse, you guessed it

I don’t stop there,

No, I go deeper and consider

What lies beneath their feet

Sand duh, deeper,

Beyond the dunes and grain fragments.

History, that’s what it is

 This place was more than it is now,

A barren wasteland…

It had roots to bind its foundation

Literally and figuratively.

If I stopped there,

It wouldn’t be any fun would it?

So without further delay

I fast-forward

And go deeper… to consider,

What lies in the deep-end

… Of the deepest end.

– Original-Dante ©2016

Photograph by: coulombic


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