Autonomy from peer pressure,

Leagues away from suppression

Or humility fueled by insecurity

And external forces.

An island OD‘d on controlitis anti-bodies;

Ironclad jurisdiction;

What enters my mind is what I allow

Not what you believe I need.

My consciousness unwillingly

Reached a new level with a few

Unspoken mistakes;

Through the loss of what I naively believed

To be my most valued possession,

My world got reformed.

Through a mistake, a spark was lit

As fifty thousand watts of light beams

Showed themselves from

The deepest chasms of darkness

That resided at the center

Of my soul.

A new level of awareness

Hard to describe, which is why

I find myself having to paint a picture

With the alphabet in tow.

What makes me stronger

Is not the belief that i’m better than you

No, far from it,

You’re far from the equation.

What gives me power is knowing

I control my own reality,

That my opinion of the world

Is something no-one can take from me

That no-one can convince me if I can

Or can’t do something

Unless I allow them to.

– Original-Dante ©2016

Photograph by: Bateri



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