The Change Trigger.


A story that replays in my head

Fading in and out of focus

A result of misguided efforts

To forget and create

Excuses for my mistakes.

Where do I even start?

I chose her

All in an attempt

To bring pain to another,

… False love to start with

And I expected a good ending?

What a fool… an idiot even,

Making stupid decisions

To block out the pain.

Then what happened again?

Oh… yeah… how could I forget…

I then I chose to “like” her

To block out the pain

Of being cheated on

By the aforementioned chosen one.

Smart move buddy

Because what you weaved was

In the simplest form

A twisted web of bad decisions,

Becoming prey,

In a trap of your own making.

It doesn’t necessarily end there

No, I dug a deeper grave

As the nail in the coffin

Rose in the form of another “damsel”

The only one who needed saving

Was me, from that black widow

An assassin of the heart

But I didn’t know

Careless, all In the hopes validating

How special I was

Another arc ending in heart break

…My own fault really.

The benefit of hindsight tells me

That if you try to inflict pain on others

It comes back two-fold;

Attacking myself means

I’m no longer a slave to the guilt

That bore a ton on my heart

Indeed, that’s old me’s news

Telling you this means i’m free

Telling you this means,

I’ve punished myself enough.

– Original-Dante ©2016

Photograph by: alvarola

Poets For Peace.

My contribution to a collaborative poem for the #PoetsForPeace collaboration

You can add your contributions here


Who better to bear the baton

Than us, the peace-makers,

Champions of the ink-slinging

And masters of penmanship.


Who better,

To make the world aware of its decline

Than us, rather me

An individual who’s always

Deep in internal conflict

Seeking endless betterment of the self.


Is it wrong of me

To say i’m sick of the pointless killings?

So they can’t prove their point

Through verbal means;

Does that equate a gun

As the best alternative?


Weakness doesn’t begin to describe

The flaw in that rationale;

As an advocate for light i’m ashamed

To call myself human.


Surely, you realize

Our enemy lies elsewhere

Yet all we do

Is kill each other before

We face the real threat that lies

In the darkest recesses of the abyss.


I’m not arrogant,

But i’m not entirely humble either;

To topple the enemy that

Threatens the very existence

Of the human race turning a blind eye

Is leagues away from the solution .


I refuse to wait before the weak-willed

Who deem themselves powerful

Push to establish their power motives

At the expense of human lives

While I wait for a change of heart.


No, to hell with that,

I  will channel all I have ,

Ink and all, to the center

Of their consciousness through

A plethora of penned lines

Exorcising the demons that reign

Over their hearts.


– Original-Dante ©2016









Toxicity Level: Unknown.


And of coarse, like a fool

I kept that anger within

As it ate at me …slowly

With the corrosive force

Of a chemical agent

I don’t know of yet,

But am sure exists outside

My knowledge sphere.

– Original-Dante ©2016

Photograph by: immanuel



The Deepest End.


I don’t compartmentalize the sun,

Or look at it the same way as others

Then color myself satisfied,

No, I go deeper and consider

What makes it spark?

Regardless of the answer,

I don’t hover on the theory

Of what made it spark,

No, I go deeper and consider

What its rays are shining on.

A lot of things

So I narrow it down,


Its shining on people,

Drenched in sweat

Walking on the desert sand,

Rays forming shadows

Naturally mirroring their motions.

But of coarse, you guessed it

I don’t stop there,

No, I go deeper and consider

What lies beneath their feet

Sand duh, deeper,

Beyond the dunes and grain fragments.

History, that’s what it is

 This place was more than it is now,

A barren wasteland…

It had roots to bind its foundation

Literally and figuratively.

If I stopped there,

It wouldn’t be any fun would it?

So without further delay

I fast-forward

And go deeper… to consider,

What lies in the deep-end

… Of the deepest end.

– Original-Dante ©2016

Photograph by: coulombic


Black Star.


Intimidated by the idea of intelligence

Radiating from a supposedly inferior race;

Light bulbs fried by a speck of the Black star,

A contradiction in the face of stereotypes,

So what do they do, except project their fears

Directly on you?


Regurgitating rationalizations

That help them make sense of what they see;

Yes, surprise, surprise!

We have minds too.


I’ll be damned if I let you think

Even for a second,

That you can get away with

Imposing the idea that you’re better.

Look at me all you want;

More stares for me to quarantine

In the back yard of my mind palace,

Where the black hole

Of infinite disposals resides.


I know who I am and where I stand;

In a space where fumbling for missing pieces

Has been established as the norm

I bypassed the self-knowledge phase,

Through writing;

Better termed, my self-hack.


– Original-Dante ©2016


Photograph by: alvarola




Autonomy from peer pressure,

Leagues away from suppression

Or humility fueled by insecurity

And external forces.

An island OD‘d on controlitis anti-bodies;

Ironclad jurisdiction;

What enters my mind is what I allow

Not what you believe I need.

My consciousness unwillingly

Reached a new level with a few

Unspoken mistakes;

Through the loss of what I naively believed

To be my most valued possession,

My world got reformed.

Through a mistake, a spark was lit

As fifty thousand watts of light beams

Showed themselves from

The deepest chasms of darkness

That resided at the center

Of my soul.

A new level of awareness

Hard to describe, which is why

I find myself having to paint a picture

With the alphabet in tow.

What makes me stronger

Is not the belief that i’m better than you

No, far from it,

You’re far from the equation.

What gives me power is knowing

I control my own reality,

That my opinion of the world

Is something no-one can take from me

That no-one can convince me if I can

Or can’t do something

Unless I allow them to.

– Original-Dante ©2016

Photograph by: Bateri



Memory Lane.


If years didn’t take a toll

On my childhood dreams,

I wonder where at this point

My life would be.

– Original-Dante ©2016

Art by: Rachopin77




…Power motives


Possible end results of

Being too engrossed in an art

That opens up so many avenues

In the mind.


– Original-Dante ©2016


Photograph by: SteveAllred


Daily Prompt – Island



Penning lines

Fastens my mind,

Avoiding the fragmentation

And rearranging of beliefs

My core self believes

Are essential for my well being.

– Original-Dante ©2016

Photograph by: Prudentity

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