CLOUDs (part 4)


This happens to be the only series I have that shows how my writing has evolved over the years. Dating back to my pre-poetry era, I loved prose then, but yeah, things change; for the better in this instance.

(With the first part having been written in 2013)

I’ve made it a rule to post one part every year till I find what i’m looking for; Its been quite the journey so far 🙂 .

CLOUDs (part 1)

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CLOUDs (part 3)

Lying idly

On the prickly green

Above me

Lies clouds in motion

An exodus drifting to

Who knows where.

For a second;

Just but a second,

My selective consciousness

Allowed me to imagined

That it was me

Leaving them

For somewhere better.

– Original-Dante ©2016

Photograph by: Linkineos