Long Story Short.


Long story of

Coming from

Insecurely humble beginnings.


“Don’t write it like that;

I don’t think they’ll like it”

Blindly nodding to stray opinions.


Is it still me

If I quarantine

And compartmentalize my thoughts

To what someone else

Believes is the better me?


Good or bad, any me

Is the me I choose

Over a genetically modified

By-product meant to impress

Recipients of my illustrations.

– Original-Dante ©2016

Prison Predicament

Lovely poem from my sister, please check out her blog; plenty of good to be soaked in 😀

prison predicament

God save me…Save me from myself!

My Saviour my God….deliver me from this prison predicament.

I have tried and I have failed…I have fought and I have lost.

Incarcerated in this flesh…I am in a prison predicament.

Bound my own choices; Bound by my surroundings; Bound by my free will.

I am in a prison predicament; a quandary that is solely a product of my mind.

He came to seek and save the lost I hear, I am a sinner saved by grace, I question!

I doubt that which I claim to believe, I doubt that which I teach and claim!

We are all sinners saved by grace I think not!

 I am enslaved in this sin I ponder;

My Saviour my God…deliver me from this prison predicament.

My Carnal mind…like a moth to the flame, is prone to recidivism.

I sin, I cry, I cry…

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