Instrument Of Expression.


Pieces of my make-up

Seem to be notably dominated

By a large dose of crazy;

Or so they would have me think.

Make way

For the instrument of expression

Siphoning tunes from divine hymns

Projecting and reflecting

The positive and the negative.

Angels envy the human form

For it bears the x factor,

An incomprehensible power,

Best understood by our Maker.

It is no surprise then

That when those who don’t

By any means, value themselves

Or understand how to delve

In their grace pool

Swim in a pit of envy.

Equals on every plane

But subjugating to the idea

Of a weakness planted

Through media inspired fear.

The mind is a powerful tool

Molded and shaped by its wielder

Choices and decisions

Sculpting the subconscious

Unknowingly making blueprints

For our dreams.

Not the most divine

Of people, you’ll ever meet

But I try,

Oh yes dear reader

I try,

As much as i’m able

To be the best I could be.

– Original-Dante ©2016

Photograph by: elementality

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