Dear You.

Just got the notification that today is my blog anniversary on WordPress; figured not writing anything would be unacceptable 🙂 here goes:



Two years of stirring the cauldron

Cooking up pieces of abstract magic

Tapping into the darkest bits

Of my mind, lighting them up

As best I can, barring the road

That puts me

On the verge of darkness.

Solo effort, it was not,

A journey best tread with friends

A tag-team of sorts

Playing relay with the torch.


This damaged vessel

Has made it this far

And will go further.

Rarely do I say this

A sin on my part

But for joining me

To you, I say

Thank you.

– Original-Dante ©2016

Again, a huge thank you to all my readers and  friends. You’ve made this journey an amazing one; I’m thankful for all your support. Stay blessed. 🙂






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