The Beaten Path.


I did not start living life today

Sounds harsh for me to say

To her, however,

There was really

No other way

For me to portray

My position

Without leaving her in dismay.

That’s what happens

When you treat hearts

Like pin cushions;

So no, in all this time

It hasn’t been idly waiting

For you to come back

And break it again.

Going back on that road again

Will quite frankly be an affront

Taking 10 steps forward

To take 30 steps back

Do the calculation

And tell me if that makes sense.

That best of both worlds temptation

You fell victim to

Led to your self-inflicted recompense

The tears are, indeed, a nice touch

They make you look sympathetic

But they drown in comparison

To the puddle of pain

You left in your wake.

– Original-Dante ©2016

Photograph by: zestkitten

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