Ever So Grateful.


I’m ever so grateful

Ever so grateful for the hunger,

The hunger I’m fully made aware of

Aware of each day.

Each day,

The hunger to channel,

Channel my emotions

My emotions from my mind,

My mind into liquid form

Liquid from the pen.

The pen I hold so dear

So dear to me

Dear to me

Is this poetry.

– Original-Dante ©2016

Photograph by:  Frank-Beer

10 Replies to “Ever So Grateful.”

  1. Very nice! You want to know something crazy? When I was reading this line…
    “The hunger I’m fully made aware of / Aware of each day”.
    …I read it too fast and read it wrong. But what I thought I read was also powerful and I just HAD to share it with you. As a poet, I know you can appreciate this:

    “The hunger that has made me fully aware of each day”

    1. Mind=Blown lol that IS powerful…hmmm…that just inspired me to write 🙂 and yes, I highly appreciate the fact that you shared that with me hehe 😀 hope you had a lovely weekend

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