Perhaps (Original-Dante & ForgottenMeadows)

Neha from ForgottenMeadows and I have decided to do a collective of collaborations each month, for the next five months. This collaboration is the third of five, and our title this time around was Perhaps. If you’re interested in reading our previous collaborations in this project, you can find them in the following links:





If you haven’t checked out Neha’s blog already I suggest you do, 😀 like now! She graces WordPress with poetry for the soul, check her out, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Here’s a link to her blog ForgottenMeadows



My section is in this colour

Neha’s section is in this colour



My doormat of a heart

Has been stomped on enough.



If I change

Circumstances will follow suit;

Fate covering all those gaps

That have denied me closure.



If I look closer

At who I am, and what I do

I won’t have to choose

Between being myself;

And pleasing you.



If I kneel down and pray

All will go away.



one day

behind the cloud 

hiding the moon

I will find 

my faded dreams

my long lost tune

of my soul



in the clarity 

of the clear skies

I will stop 

the lies

I say to my heart

– Original-Dante & ForgottenMeadows ©2016

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