Instrument Of Expression.


Pieces of my make-up

Seem to be notably dominated

By a large dose of crazy;

Or so they would have me think.

Make way

For the instrument of expression

Siphoning tunes from divine hymns

Projecting and reflecting

The positive and the negative.

Angels envy the human form

For it bears the x factor,

An incomprehensible power,

Best understood by our Maker.

It is no surprise then

That when those who don’t

By any means, value themselves

Or understand how to delve

In their grace pool

Swim in a pit of envy.

Equals on every plane

But subjugating to the idea

Of a weakness planted

Through media inspired fear.

The mind is a powerful tool

Molded and shaped by its wielder

Choices and decisions

Sculpting the subconscious

Unknowingly making blueprints

For our dreams.

Not the most divine

Of people, you’ll ever meet

But I try,

Oh yes dear reader

I try,

As much as i’m able

To be the best I could be.

– Original-Dante ©2016

Photograph by: elementality

Untold Chronicles (Part 7)


Untold Chronicles (Part 6)

Hard exterior yet

Uncover that shell

And all that’s left

Is a big teddy bear who

If you take time to know

Will end up loving you

More than himself.

– Original-Dante ©2016

Photograph by: jfphotography

Dear You.

Just got the notification that today is my blog anniversary on WordPress; figured not writing anything would be unacceptable 🙂 here goes:



Two years of stirring the cauldron

Cooking up pieces of abstract magic

Tapping into the darkest bits

Of my mind, lighting them up

As best I can, barring the road

That puts me

On the verge of darkness.

Solo effort, it was not,

A journey best tread with friends

A tag-team of sorts

Playing relay with the torch.


This damaged vessel

Has made it this far

And will go further.

Rarely do I say this

A sin on my part

But for joining me

To you, I say

Thank you.

– Original-Dante ©2016

Again, a huge thank you to all my readers and  friends. You’ve made this journey an amazing one; I’m thankful for all your support. Stay blessed. 🙂






The Beaten Path.


I did not start living life today

Sounds harsh for me to say

To her, however,

There was really

No other way

For me to portray

My position

Without leaving her in dismay.

That’s what happens

When you treat hearts

Like pin cushions;

So no, in all this time

It hasn’t been idly waiting

For you to come back

And break it again.

Going back on that road again

Will quite frankly be an affront

Taking 10 steps forward

To take 30 steps back

Do the calculation

And tell me if that makes sense.

That best of both worlds temptation

You fell victim to

Led to your self-inflicted recompense

The tears are, indeed, a nice touch

They make you look sympathetic

But they drown in comparison

To the puddle of pain

You left in your wake.

– Original-Dante ©2016

Photograph by: zestkitten

Ever So Grateful.


I’m ever so grateful

Ever so grateful for the hunger,

The hunger I’m fully made aware of

Aware of each day.

Each day,

The hunger to channel,

Channel my emotions

My emotions from my mind,

My mind into liquid form

Liquid from the pen.

The pen I hold so dear

So dear to me

Dear to me

Is this poetry.

– Original-Dante ©2016

Photograph by:  Frank-Beer



She asked me to write about her,

I’m guessing anything

That would perchance

Give her a tit-bit, some insight

Of how I see her In my mind.


A dangerous request

For a presumptuous individual,

For the truth

Is not always in parallel

With expectations.

I could’ve lied

Rather easy, for poets

To couple a few lines

Leaving her romanticized.


Feelings don’t surface in mid-air

And with that, she got a blank paper

A perfectly poetic representation

To help derail my

Pre-supposed infatuation;



– Original-Dante ©2016


Photograph by: Kodi111



Usually in control

The boss of my own words

Expression has never been

A weak-point

Quite the contrary;

Making words dance

Is an art I take pride in

Not really difficult to –


My friend loses a loved one.


The right time to substantiate

All those messages of hope

That you relentlessly preach


Where are those precious words now?

Where is your supposed control

To comfort a loved one?

Powerless in the face of death

Standing still, gone mute,

An art chiseled over the course

Of five years, disintegrated

The word plate scrubbed clean.


That’s when I realized

That sometimes

The only thing anyone can do

Is give someone a hug.


– Original-Dante ©2016


Photograph by: scheinbar



Say hello

To a persistent dichotomy,

Feeling alone

When the room is crowded.

– Original-Dante ©2016

Photograph by: BusterBrownBB

Perhaps (Original-Dante & ForgottenMeadows)

Neha from ForgottenMeadows and I have decided to do a collective of collaborations each month, for the next five months. This collaboration is the third of five, and our title this time around was Perhaps. If you’re interested in reading our previous collaborations in this project, you can find them in the following links:





If you haven’t checked out Neha’s blog already I suggest you do, 😀 like now! She graces WordPress with poetry for the soul, check her out, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Here’s a link to her blog ForgottenMeadows



My section is in this colour

Neha’s section is in this colour



My doormat of a heart

Has been stomped on enough.



If I change

Circumstances will follow suit;

Fate covering all those gaps

That have denied me closure.



If I look closer

At who I am, and what I do

I won’t have to choose

Between being myself;

And pleasing you.



If I kneel down and pray

All will go away.



one day

behind the cloud 

hiding the moon

I will find 

my faded dreams

my long lost tune

of my soul



in the clarity 

of the clear skies

I will stop 

the lies

I say to my heart

– Original-Dante & ForgottenMeadows ©2016



Genuinely shocked

With the prolonged


Of you hearing

The pitter-patter

Of my heart,

After all,

Its the sound,

Of your feet

Walking all over it.

– Original-Dante ©2016

Photograph by: addicted2love

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